Missoula Promotion

428x608_2-4-1 cocktails

Head down to Missoula tonight for Wednesday’s two for one cocktail night, starting from 5pm! Buy two cocktails and you get the cheapest one free!

Go in and check out the cocktail menu, or the menu’s can be found on their website.





Missoula Colchester is part of a chain of bars across the country. Missoula Colchester is located on Head Street in the town centre. It is a great bar that serves food and cocktails during the day, and transforms into a club at night. Missoula is a bar that my friends and I frequently occupy on nights out. It is usually about £3 for entry in the evenings before 12am. With a huge selection of drinks behind the bar, and a great menu of cocktails, you will never go thirsty on a night out. Missoula frequently entertain their guests with comedy nights and celebrity appearances, along with the usual DJ playing a variety of music. Continue reading