The Fox and Fiddler



For St. Patrick’s Day, my friends and I ventured into town to celebrate; I had heard very good things about The Fox and Fiddler pub so we decided to check it out. It did not disappoint. The Fox and Fiddler was a great little pub. Near the centre of town it is really accessible and easy to find. The prices of drinks are usually very reasonable but they were especially good for St. Patrick’s day. There’s seating at the bar or very comfortable sofas and other seating areas all around the pub. They also serve a lunchtime menu, including Sunday roasts. In addition to this, they host themed nights, charity events, quiz nights, and have a TV for some major sports fixtures- rugby is a popular choice at this pub.

They do a variety of drinks, from spirits, wines and also a special selection of beers and real ales. This place has a really nice atmosphere and is very cosy and welcoming. It is a great place to start the night with some well priced drinks or to spend a casual night out in a brilliant pub. Although this pub is really accessible, well priced, and very accommodating; by far the best thing about this pub is the staff. As soon as you walk in, they are immediately very welcoming and friendly. They accommodate to your needs really well and make you feel right at home. I would definitely recommend this pub as a venue for a quiet night out or to start it off.



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