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Playhouse Colchester is part of the Wetherspoon pub chain. However, it is very different from other Wetherspoon pubs. The building has undertaken many different changes; it was first an actual playhouse in 1929. In the 1930’s it transformed into a cinema, and then in 1981 it became a bingo hall. From there it remained an empty building until it was made into a pub in 1994. Because of these changes, they have kept the playhouse décor with the pub on the ground floor which is overlooked by the seating area covered with mannequins, puppets and cardboard cut-outs of famous people and other celebrities. There is even a private box for the royal family.

The Playhouse is a great place to go for some casual drinks with friends. They have an extensive menu of food and drinks, including breakfast, main meals, low calorie meals, desserts, and many different types of beers, cocktails, spirits etc. Not only is there a huge variety on offer, which can be seen on their menus on the website, they are at very reasonable prices too. They have TV screens, live news broadcasts, wifi, and are cask marque accredited. The staff are really friendly and helpful, they are also quite strict on checking people’s ID, and in the late evening have bouncers at the doors checking the people that come in. This is good because you can ensure you have a good, safe night out. Although the Playhouse is a great friendly environment to go for a casual night out drinking or eating with your friends; as it is only a pub, if you’re wanting a big night out it would be better to use the Playhouse as a good start to the night and move on after. The Playhouse is a huge building which is perfect if you are out with a big group of friends. It is furnished in-keeping with its past but contrasts with the modern celebrities upstairs. Although all the mannequins etc. can look a bit creepy; with great food, low priced drinks and a laid back atmosphere, I would definitely recommend The Playhouse for a fun night out with friends.





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