Qube Boutique Bar and Nightclub is another one of Colchester’s great bars. Qube bar and grill is situated on Crouch street which serves food during the day and transforms into a club at night. At £7, the price of admittance was a little high for students, however the club more than makes up for it. The bar is well decorated with cosy booths, a long island bar and gives off a great night-life vibe. With two levels and an outside area, the bar is very spacious and has plenty of room for all your friends on a night out, or to hire out for V.I.P parties. They play different music on both floors so you can choose which floor you’d rather occupy. There is a long island bar on the ground floor which makes the bar more accessible. Although there is a bar on the top floor, it is smaller meaning there is sometimes a longer wait. There is an outside area available at the back of the club to cool down in or to smoke.

As the bar is so long, there is a great selection of drinks, and an extensive cocktail menu. This place is ideal to spent your night out or to start the night with a few drinks. However, as the entry price for students at least is quite expensive, if you’re a student trying to save some pennies (like most) to get your monies worth, it might be an idea to start the night somewhere else and spend more time in Qube. Although it is a great bar and definitely provides an excellent scene and environment for you and your friends, the entry fees are expensive and so are the cocktails. The wine menu prices are fairly competitive with other bars around Colchester, however the cocktail prices compete with London prices! Qube bar really does provide a great night out for you and your friends but unfortunately not so much for your bank balance. Many reviews on websites such as tripadvisor concur that it is a very cool place to spend your night out but the prices are expensive and maybe try too hard to rival London bars when it is not in fact situated in London…

Website: http://qube.me.uk/?cbg_tz=0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iloveqube?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qubebarclub


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