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Twisters is a great little bar in Colchester and is located near the bottom of North Hill. Although the outside is painted blue, it is often overlooked. They describe themselves as an alternative bar and provide really good music and entertainment, from guest musicians to resident DJ’s, Twisters is not a club to be missed. It may be quite small, but it is an ideal place to start the night with a few drinks and cocktails. If chart music is not necessarily what you are after, Twisters is the perfect place to be as it offers alternative music and genres like Indie, Electro, Rock, Punk and others. Twisters is great for casual drinks with friends as there are many places to sit and chat with your drinks, as well as a dance floor and beer garden outside. It is a quirky little bar with really cool indie décor- the walls are covered with pictures of bands or album covers. There is a huge selection of drinks, among which are Twisters fabulous teapot cocktails. There are many to choose from on the cocktail menu. Your teapot contains the cocktail of your choice from the menu, these are ideal to share with friends as they are accompanied with shot-glasses. These are also good value because you get many shots out of the £12 teapots (£6 if you’re lucky on a Thursday). Thursday nights are particularly beneficial for students as they do a deal called ‘toss the boss’. Here Twisters gives you the opportunity to get your drinks at half price. They flip a coin and you have to call heads or tails; if you win you get your drinks half price. If you are not so fortunate, they are normal price.

Twisters has a really good vibe and the staff are always very friendly. However, arguably the best bit of Twisters is the beer garden. Out the back of the bar they have a beer garden. The walls of the garden are decorated with bands and pictures, there are many benches and tables, and also outside heaters. These are great because it makes the bar accessible in all seasons. So even in the colder months, with your coat and the heaters, it is bearable! This is an added bonus for those who smoke, or if you’d rather be outside so you can hear each other talk or if it gets too crowded inside.

They also hire out their beer garden where you can pay for drinks packages and accommodate cocktail making parties. You can either hire out the bar or hire them to come to your own function. This bar really goes the extra mile. Furthermore, they are teamed up with another bar more in the centre of town, ‘V bar’. Between the two bars, they issue loyalty cards which gives you money off and great deals on your drinks at either bar. V bar is another great bar and I would most definitely recommend both to at least start out the night at!




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