Missoula Colchester is part of a chain of bars across the country. Missoula Colchester is located on Head Street in the town centre. It is a great bar that serves food and cocktails during the day, and transforms into a club at night. Missoula is a bar that my friends and I frequently occupy on nights out. It is usually about £3 for entry in the evenings before 12am. With a huge selection of drinks behind the bar, and a great menu of cocktails, you will never go thirsty on a night out. Missoula frequently entertain their guests with comedy nights and celebrity appearances, along with the usual DJ playing a variety of music. Missoula is spacious and sophisticated, perfect for a classy night out; they do stand up comedy on Mondays, 2-4-1 cocktails on Wednesdays and half price drinks on Sunday nights. For students, Sunday nights are particularly good- if you don’t have an early lecture Monday morning! Missoula is always a great night out, being located in the town centre means it is easy to get to, there is a taxi rank right outside, and is surrounded by food establishments for those post-drinking munchies! Whether you come here for a few drinks to start the night, or choose to stay for the whole night, I would definitely recommend this bar to start or finish a good night out in town.

Website: http://www.missoulabars.co.uk/missoulacolchester

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissoulaColchester

Twitter: https://twitter.com/missoulacol


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