Tribal Underground



The first post of my Colchester Nights Seen blog features: Tribal Underground. Last weekend I visited Tribal, if you’re interested in live bands, then this place is the place to go. Situated next to the town station in Colchester, it is easy to get to. Tribal nightclub hosts many up and coming live bands and is definitely worth checking out. I got introduced to the club when a friend’s band performed there before it was renovated from The Judge and Jury. It is quite a small club, but it allows you to get up close and personal with the bands. Last weekend featured the band Laid Blak, a brilliant Urban, Reggae, Dubculture/Subculture group. One of my friends is a huge Bob Marley fan so this was definitely a great gig for him, he even got invited on stage with the band to dance with them. The club was really accessible, had a great bar at the back of the room so you weren’t right next to the speakers when trying to buy a drink, great outdoor area out the back, and the bouncers were really polite and friendly- I even got called ‘madam’! It is a great place to go check out if you fancy a change from the usual club music, and generally to have a good night out with your mates. this is a quick video by Tribal about their club.

Here’s some links if you want to find out any more info on the club,




or if you want to check out Laid Blak,





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